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Vivante Mineral Water Plant, using the high-speed production line and highly advanced and fully automatic machinery made by France, is one of the largest natural mineral water producing plants that was established in 2009  . The source of Vivant's mineral water comes from the Iridagh spring above the Zagros Mountains, at an altitude of 2220 meters above sea level, which is rich innitrate and nitrite due to being far away from arable land and gardens and human wastewater with very good water and nitrite Low The production capacity is 25,200 bottles per hour as well as 12,000 glasses of disposable 240 cc and 140 cc per hour. Currently Vivant mineral water is available in three bottle sizes of 1500 cc, 500 cc and 330 cc and two cup sizes of 240 cc and 140 cc .It is noteworthy that Vivant brand Noshazagros has exported to some Gulf states including Oman and Qatar and some East Asian countries such as  Malaysia and  Singapore and domestically  covers 21 provinces and 84 cities  with active agents Distribution



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